Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Hesitation Published

Please take a moment from your busy day and check out YAREAH Magazine and the new piece I recently submitted to their call for An Open Door to Authors and Artists. I couldn't get out of my mind all the doors we stood in line to walk through on vacation and the ones we walk through in our daily lives. 

911 Memorial
911 Memorial (Photo credit: Caomai)
Here's what spilled out; I hope you enjoy, No Hesitation (click on the link to read). Let me hear from you, I'd love to know what you think.

Mark your calendars and add this bookmark.
Coming soon: The Smell of Pine, August 6th at Dew on the Kudzu

Check out book of Fairy tales Once Upon a Time my very first time to see my name in print! What a rush! Thank you  Yearning for Wonderland 
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  1. Jean, I did read your story and found it mesmerizing in its cadence and pattern. Good for you. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Claudette, thank you so much for the encouraging words. I'm glad you enjoyed my piece.


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